Our Practice Philosophy


Central City Family Dental is a Comprehensive General Dental Practice.  What does this mean?  Our primary focus is to reach a level or maintain a level of complete oral health.  Not just one or two teeth or one or two areas; the whole mouth.

How do we do this? 

·         Healthy gums and bone.  Without healthy supporting structures other restorative dental services are of limited value.  We achieve and monitor gum and bone health through regular periodontal probing.  In our practice the wide majority of our patients are seen 2 times per year for dental cleanings with our hygienists.  The connection between your overall health and its relationship to healthy gums is high priority in our treatment sequence.

·         We have a philosophy of prevention.  Digital dental x-rays and an exam twice per year are needed for the majority of our dental patients to ensure that infections or areas of decay are caught early and are able to be managed in a conservative manner.  Sealants are recommended on our growing patients to prevent decay on the chewing surfaces of the teeth.

·         Replacing and restoring missing teeth or fillings in a way that will enhance comfort, function, and appearance.

·         Retreating areas that may require revisions due to changes in your overall health, accidents, infection, loss of bone, or breakage of materials.


Things you should know about our office and the standards that we hold ourselves:

·         We value continuing education very highly.  The dental field changes quickly.  Each member of our team makes is a priority to stay on top of the latest materials, research, procedures, and techniques to ensure that your dental care is top in the industry, not just the region.

·         Sometimes your health needs will require a specialist.  If Dr. Ryan feels that this is the case she will refer your care to a highly qualified and trusted doctor.  Examples may include a periodontist, endodontist, oral surgeon or pedodontist. 

·         You, ultimately, are the decision maker in your care. 

·         The dentistry that we recommend and perform is the dentistry that we would consider having in our own mouths or the mouths of our family.